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Estimated delivery dates (US)
Estimated delivery dates (US)
Updated over a week ago

We have made a change recently so that some items will show a message that displays estimated delivery dates.

We want to explain why we have done this and what it means for you.

Can you guarantee the dates for delivery?

Unfortunately, all dispatch dates are estimations based on release dates provided by suppliers, warehouse capacity and other logistical operations.

Why are some 'Add To Cart' (in stock) dispatch dates longer than others?

To ensure that we can make available as many items as possible, we make available titles that are in stock at any of our stores. In addition, we work with our distribution partners to make available titles that are in their Warehouses.

These titles have a slightly longer time to ship to you as once your order is placed, we have to order it from either a store or a distributor and then ship your order from our fulfillment center.

Do you update the estimated dispatch date?

Yes the estimated dispatch date is updated automatically, so if there is any change in the release date you can check the new dispatch date on the product page.

If you have any other concerns regarding dispatch date, please don't hesistate to contact us at: [email protected]

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