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How do I update my payment details? (US)
How do I update my payment details? (US)

You can update your payment details for an order if it has not been despatched yet.

Updated over a week ago

For account holders, we do not take payment for your order until we ship. This can lead to issues with payments as the card you used may have expired or not have the same balance as when you placed the order.

Whatever the problem, it is easy to update your payment card on an order.

Here's how...

First navigate to the order that you wish to update payment details of.

If we have attempted payment and it didn't process, you will receive an email from us prompting you to update your payment details.

Alternatively you can navigate to your account page and locate the order you wish to update.

From here, click on 'Change Payment Card' and you can then either select a saved card or add a new card. Once you confirm your selection your order will be refreshed with us, prompting us to attempt to take payment.

Please note that where we have attempted payment unsuccessfully we will hold the items for 48 hours to give you time update your details. After two unsuccessful attempts to process the payment, the order will be cancelled.

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