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Redeeming gifted Club membership
Redeeming gifted Club membership

How does the membership work if I am redeeming it as a gift

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Why do I need to create an account when redeeming gift membership?

Creating an account on site will allow you to manage your Club membership from the site going forward.

This is useful if you need to make any updates such as your address or payment details.

Why do I need to enter my card details when redeeming gift membership?

We need your card details so that your Club membership can continue seamlessly after your gifted window has ended.

If you do not want to continue with your Club membership, don't worry – we will send you an email reminder before you start being charged and you will have the opportunity to cancel your membership.

How much will I be charged to continue my subscription?

  • Rough Trade Club: £8 per month

  • Rough Trade Club + New Music

    • LP: £30 per month

    • CD: £15 per month

Can I change the format of my gift membership?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the format of your gift subscription (for example if you were gifted an LP subscription but would prefer CD).

This is due to the difference in cost and the promotional gift code only being valid for that particular format.

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