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Record Store Day 2023
Record Store Day 2023: Buying Online (US)
Record Store Day 2023: Buying Online (US)

Information about buying RSD titles online after 8am Sunday, April 23rd

Updated over a week ago

Record Store Day titles are available to purchase online at 8am on Sunday, April 23rd. We expect high traffic and plenty of orders across the site, especially on particular products (we're looking at you Taylor) so before buying please note these key things.

Be patient

  • Just like in real life, you may have to wait in line to get your record.

  • We have implemented an online waiting-room system if the website traffic gets too high.

  • Don't refresh or click away from the page as you will lose your place in the queue.

  • It is a 'first in first out' policy, so be patient, you will get through.

Be fair

  • Just like Record Store Day in-store, we are limiting purchases to one per item.

  • If we see evidence of bulk buying on your account, we will cancel your orders.

  • Discount codes are not valid for use on RSD titles.

Be kind

  • We are working extra hard to process everyone’s orders and get them to you as quickly as possible but please be understanding of any delays.

  • If something doesn’t appear right, our customer service members will be on hand to help.

  • Contact us via the Intercom chat feature on the website for the quickest response.

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