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Why do some items show 'Usually Dispatched in 5-10 days'?
Why do some items show 'Usually Dispatched in 5-10 days'?
Updated over a week ago

We have made a change recently so that some items will show a message that reads 'Usually Dispatched in 5-10 Days'.

We want to explain why we have done this and what it means for you.

We are always working hard to increase the number of albums we can sell at Rough Trade.

To ensure that we can make available as many items as possible, we make available titles that are in stock at any of our stores. In addition, we work with our distribution partners to make available titles that are in their Warehouses.

These titles have a slightly longer time to ship to you as once your order is placed, we have to order it from either a store or a distributor and then ship your order from our fulfilment centre.

Previously these titles had the same messaging as everything else but we realised this wasn't good enough. So now, any title that is available to buy but will take us a few days to ship out, has this message.

In most cases, we will be able to ship these items speedily but in the cases where this can take longer we like to manage your expectations correctly. Therefore 10 days should be the maximum time you will be waiting for the order to arrive.

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