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Changes For Shipping To The EU (UK Store Only)
Changes For Shipping To The EU (UK Store Only)

An outline of what changes are expected after the UK's exit from the E.U.

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Due to Brexit, we will see some changes to how we send items to Europe.

These will come into place from from January 1st 2021


From January 1st, items being exported to the E.U. will be free of VAT, meaning a £20 record will now cost £16.66. As with other countries outside of the EU though, the customer maybe required to pay the tax on the item depending on their countries rules and regulations when importing items from abroad. This may cause delays in delivery times whilst items get cleared through customs. For peace of mind and to circumnavigate any difficulties we recommend choosing a tracked shipping option on checkout.

The above will be the case up to July 1st where a new scheme is being introduced whereby we will pay the VAT for the country that we’re sending it to.

Customs Information

All items exported will have to have their customs data supplied electronically. This will be handled by our integrated post systems.

We appreciate this change in service might be challenging but we will endeavour to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Any changes to existing orders and subscriptions will be communicated before the change happens.

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