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How does 'Notify Me' Work?
How does 'Notify Me' Work?

Details on how the 'notify me' feature works

Updated over a week ago

When we sell out of an item, we keep it on the website for 60 days. Whilst the item remains out of stock, you can click 'Notify Me' instead of 'Add To Cart'.

What happens when a 'Notify Me' item comes back into stock.

Every day we check to see all items that have 'Notify Me's' registered against them. If the item is available again - either because we have received more copies or it has been set up as a pre-order again, we will send you an email to inform you. Please note that sometimes we have way more notes of interest than copies available so be quick if you want to order a copy. Often items sell out again due to their limited nature.

I want to remove my 'Notify Me'

You can remove any outstanding 'Notify Me's' that you have registered from your account page. Click on 'Product Notifications'

And from there you can either add items that are in-stock to your cart or remove notifications for items that haven't arrived in yet.

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