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I placed an order for Gift Cards. Where are my gift cards?
I placed an order for Gift Cards. Where are my gift cards?

Details on how to troubleshoot issues related to Gift Card orders.

Updated over a week ago

All orders for Gift Cards are processed a minimum of twice per day.

Once your order is placed we will attempt payment at the next payment run and if your payment is successful we will issue your Gift Cards via Email. The email will detail the gift card code that you can use to pass on as a gift.

Where can I use Gift Cards?

Gift cards are now available to be used both in-store and online.

Please note that gift cards cannot be used to purchase subscriptions or Rough Trade Club membership (there are special membership gifts), or event tickets

I placed an order containing Gift Cards and other items.

If your order for gift cards was contained in a larger order with 'normal' products you may not receive your confirmation as promptly as we have to process these manually along with the other items in your order.

But I really want a Physical Gift Card.

We moved away from shipping physical plastic gift cards for online orders since 2019 as a way of providing a quicker and more ecological service. We will provide you with an email that has a gift code that can be forwarded to the lucky recipient. We no longer send out PDF attachments.

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