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When is payment taken for my order?
When is payment taken for my order?

Details on how and when we take payment for orders including what to do if payment is declined

Updated over a week ago

We only take payment once goods are on the way to you.

We do this is because the majority of our orders are for pre-releases and due to possible delays to these items, we find it is better service for you if we only take payment when we ship your order.

In the small number of cases we cannot fulfil your order that you don't have to wait to get your funds refunded

When your order is despatched you'll receive a dispatch notification from us confirming the details.

Declined Payments

If your payment is declined you will receive an email informing you it has been declined and what to do next. We will hold the items for 48 hours to give you time update your details. After that point we may cancel your order and put the items back into stock.

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